A few dollars a day
supports Evangelization
for an entire community

Around the world, there are priests and religious who devote their lives to sharing the gospel, but due to extreme poverty find themselves forced to support themselves doing odd jobs, dedicating whatever time is left to their work of evangelization. 

Making a Difference

The Catholic Association for the New Evangelization in Latin America and Africa (CANELA) is a fully Catholic charity that supports men and women who bring the light of the Gospel to parts of Africa and Latin America where adherence to the faith is often in jeopardy.

We Support Some Amazing Projects

CANELA supports existing, well-proved educational and evangelization projects in Latin America and Africa, that train community leaders and educators who in turn are committed to organizing educational projects at the community level.  Supported projects include: 

Committee for Priests' Welfare

Africa and Latin America

School of Faith and Leadership

West Africa

“Centro Pastoral Fidei”

Latin America

Evangelizadores de Tiempo Completo

Latin America

Our Guarantee

CANELA makes every effort to ensure that all donations are being used in the best way possible.

1. Transparency

We provide clear and regular reporting and updates on all of our programs and projects, so you can see in a real and concrete way the good that God is working through your support.

2. Accountability

We require accountability for all the programs and individuals that we support, to ensure that all funds are being used in the best way possible to spread the Gospel in these poor communities.

3. Efficiency

We excel in operational efficiency. All of our staff are volunteers and several of them actually live in Latin America and Africa. This keeps our overhead low (less than 5%) and gives us maximum oversight over each project.


 CANELA has recieved endorsements from a wide variety of ecclesiastical and secular leaders. Here are a few examples:

Bishop Victor Hugo Palma

Escuintla, Guatemala

Archbishop Agustine Akubeze

Benin City, Nigeria

Bishop Jorge Solorzano Perez

Granada, Nicaragua

Bishop Peter Paul Angkyier

Damongo, Ghana

Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp


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